January 31, 2009

Our Latest Dinner Out in Sannomiya

Last Saturday night we continued our weekly forays into Sannomiya for dinner. This time, on a drizzly Saturday evening, we were in the mood for yakitori and ate at Tori Tetsu Yakitori restaurant. Its a basic chain yakitori place. But very good. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We sat at the bar, near the grills. Ate a whole bunch of grilled chicken and grilled veggies on sticks. And washed it down with a nice nama (draft) biru (beer!). (It is almost as if beer was designed specifically to accompany yakitori; they go so well together).

We highly (highly!) recommend the Tori Tetsu house special rice ball, on top of nori, with scallions, a spicey mayo, and topped with teriyaki chicken. Off-the-charts goodness.

After our return from Sapporo, we have our eye on some sushi places right near Sannomiya station and a nearby Belgian Beer bar. The array of restaurants and bars crammed into the Sannomiya area is literally endless. We will try what we can!


jackaw said...

Well, I could have used some Yakitori and nama biru during the Super Bowl. This was a game I didn't especially have any interest in, but it hooked me right around the end of the first half while I was eating home-made turkey chili and sipping wine. Possibly not as good as your meal, but I wouldn't bet on it! The replay after I got back upstairs was -- what's the word? -- awesome! And so was the rest of the game! Next year I'll invite myself over to watch the Giants (in the Super Bowl) on your 92 incher.

Love to all and have a cold one on me!

Mike said...

Glad to hear the Superbowl watching was good! Superbowl Monday is one of the weirdest and worst parts of being an American abroad. Next year, at our house!