January 11, 2009

Kagura Teppanyaki

On Saturday night, we went out with our friends Pat and Tracy to celebrate his birthday. We went to Kagura, a teppanyaki place in Sannomiya that Ilena had been to before. We had a terrific dinner, and at the end they broke out these ridiculous hats for us to wear for a birthday photo. (Apparently, its a tradition. But we are not sure, so we are posting the picture here to preempt any future blackmail attempts!)

FYI, Ilena is wearing the onigiri hat.

Monday is Coming of Age Day in Japan. (The key age in Japan being 20 - for voting, drinking, etc.) So we are enjoying a relaxing three-day weekend here. While Mike is off from work, our kids, being in international school, have school on Monday. This makes Monday a Truly Terrific Holiday.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

best hats i have ever seen! They do a better job than benni hana!