February 12, 2009

Sapporo - Day Two

Our second day in Sapporo was marked by a trip to the third Snow Festival site, Tsudome. Tsudome is the site that was outside of the downtown, which had an array of kids snow activities. The activities included snow rafting (being pulled on a raft by a snow-mobile around a track), ice slides, snow tubing, and bamboo skiing for the kids. Although the lines were pretty long, we were able to split up, and do a bunch of the activities. The snow rafting was our absolute favorite!

Smaller sculptures, as well as tiny snowmen arranged in the shape of a heart adorned the site.

After we headed back downtown, we walked over to Nijo Fish Market. Sapporo is famous for fresh seafood, and kids-be-darned we wanted sushi! After walking through the market (always interesting!), we found an exquisitely good sushi place right next door called Umai (another word for "delicious," like oishii). The kids had soup and rice and edamame, and we had among the best sushi we have had in Japan. (On par with Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo) Insanely melt-in-your-mouth good!

On our way, we passed through Odori, and some more of the large sculptures:

This is the walled off "smoking section" at Odori Park. Even it was made out of ice!

We wandered through Odori Park at night. The smell of warm foods wafted through the air. Crowds were easing through the park. It was snowing on and off, and there were candles laid out in the snow:

The highlight of the evening was the snowboard ski-jump, which was smack in the middle of Odori Park, across from one of the large snow sculptures. Jacob was riveted. So were we...

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