February 12, 2009

Wednesday Off - Biking and Sake

On Wednesday, Mike had off for a Japanese holiday. We decided to go for a bike ride off Rokko Island along the Sumiyoshigawa River. On our way back, we happened upon a really neat Sake Museum called The Kiki-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum. Huge sake vats, and free sake tasting. Biking and sake don't exactly go together, but it worked out pretty well!


Alexis Jacobs said...

That place has to be within easy walking distance to my house. I'll have to find it.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night :)

Matthew J said...

you guys are now living in Japan for 2009...time to update your title statement.

Mike said...

Alexis - same here! Its really close to the Uozaki Rokko Liner stop, below Sumiyoshi. Cute place; neat little find for our bike ride!

Matt - We're on it!