February 21, 2009

Saturday - Kite Flying and a Gift

On Saturday, we took a family bike ride down the "Marine Park" section of Rokko Island, on the southern tip near the water's edge. It was a sunny, brisk, and very windy day. We brought the frisbee and the football, but spent most of our time watching a giant cargo ship docking nearby. Then, we saw a whole bunch of Japanese high school kids flying three kites -- way up in the air. As Jacob and Lauren got closer, they let them both hold onto the string of the highest flying kite. Out near the water, the wind was whipping - it was a great day to fly a kite.

Then, much to our surprise, they said - "For you. Gift." And gave us the kite. And packed up. And waving and smiling, they left. What a wonderful random act of kindness! (Certainly not the first (or second or third) that we have experienced since being in Japan.) We hadn't flown a kite since we were little kids. It was so much fun. We will surely head back to Marine Park in coming weekends to fly our new kite!

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jmgesq said...

Now all we need is a pic of the kite! There's a great spot near the Verrazano Bridge where there are kites flown every windy weekend. It's been a long time since I flew a kite! Very nice.