June 6, 2009

Holy Asian Horned Beetle!

Yup, we cover it all here at the Kasdan Family Blog.

We live on the 9th floor and the elevator access, strangely and annoyingly, in only to the 8th and 10th floors. So we have to walk up or down. Usually, as you might expect, we walk down from the 9th floor to the 8th floor when we leave the apartment. But, lately that all changed. That was because of this guy, who settled onto the staircase between the 8th and 9th floor and didn't seem to be moving anywhere for 4-5 days.

Finally, Mike was tasked with capturing him, and, killing two birds with one stone, we put him in our (very Japanese) plastic bug catcher box and Lauren brought him to school. They are doing a unit on bugs, and got a note to bring in (non-squished) bugs to examine under the microscope. I don't think they were expecting our gigantic live asian long-horned beetle! (That's what he is.)

As a side-note, there certainly are some amazing and different bugs out here. And kids love collecting them. They sell these gigantic black beetles at Toys R Us!

(Anyway, for those of you squeemish non-bug people, sorry for including our little domestic adventure. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. . . )


jmgesq said...

Luckily that guy wasn't cowering on the steps when I was visiting! Otherwise I would still be cowering on those selfsame steps.

Careful about bringing back any of those critters with you. They will decimate the trees in Maplewood in very short order.

The Kasdan Family said...

Oh yeah, we read up on them. Devastating on trees. Lauren's class watched him on the a pro-scope today, which is like a microscope that projects onto computer screens. And she said he carved up and ate a banana. Pretty cool.