June 16, 2009

Sayonaras - Reflecting on Friends

With our remaining time in Japan down to about two weeks, we have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky and grateful we are for the many tight friendships we have made while in Japan. In fact, this may well have been the most unexpected part of our Japan experience.

There are few times, especially in grown-up life, when you come into a new world, have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who know nothing about you very quickly, and by virtue of personalities and the opportunity presented by the circumstances, you form very quick and very tight bonds. That social experience is one of the reasons that the college experience is so great. (Ha. Rokko Island is like the Freshman year of College, except everyone has two kids!!)

Despite our new friends being spread all 'round the world, we know we will stay in touch with people and sincerely look forward to visitors to NJ/NY!


Lisa said...

:)! so special

bobarah said...

Your experience with meeting new people is baseball life in a nutshell :) It's crazy to think that you can still make close friendships with adults after only knowing them for a short time. Glad you guys enjoyed your stay so much and hopefully we can run into each other at some point. Maybe Scott will sign with the Mets or the Yankees :) We'll miss you!

Semsavblanc said...

Does this include friends you've made on the world wide web?

The Kasdan Family said...

Sarah - so true!

Semsavblanc - Absolutely!