June 7, 2009

Sunday at Koshien - Our Last Tiger's Game (For a While, At Least)

On Sunday, our friends the Atchisons, got us all tickets to the Hanshin Tigers. (Sending out a big thank you!) So, after a leisurely Sunday morning of brunch, wandering through the Rokko Island flea market, scootering, and tossing the baseball around, the six of us (the Kasdan's plus Bob and Maho, our friends visiting from Tokyo)headed to Koshien Stadium. After a cloudy morning, the sky broke and it turned into a fine day. The kind of great baseball weather day about which Ernie Banks would have said "Lets play two."

As usual, one of the best parts of going to the Tigers games are the rabid (and loving) Tigers fans:
With time a-winding down, we are thinking this will probably be our last chance to get to Koshien before we head out. We arrived early enough at the park to see batting practice and team stretching, which was neat.

As for the game action, we actually had to leave the game a little early this time, and when we left the Tigers were trailing 3-2. (Which had Jacob apoplectic and miserable: "They are so weak! Its no fair." Yeesh). Luckily we got home in time to see the Tigers stage a 9th inning comeback, loading the bases with one out before everyone's favorite Tiger, Kanemoto, bounced a two RBI single down the first base line. Sayonara win!!!!! Kanemoto was hero of the game. We got to watch our friend Scott Atchison pitch a scoreless inning of relief in the 7th, and fellow Rokko Islander Jeff Williams picked up the win with a scoreless ninth.
Go Tigers!!!

O-o-o-o Hanshin Taigasu

We will keep rooting from afar!


miesque said...

You com back in state, but You can check tigers game result on youtube.
Japanese baseball fan always upload game highlight every day.

Joyce said...

That sounds very much like the game I saw when I was in Japan -- who was the 'hero of the game' on that day?? Do you remember?

The Kasdan Family said...

miesque-san - Thank you for your note. we will check Youtube!

Joyce - yes, it was a similar exciting come-back win! I think that Kanemoto was the hero that day too.

jackaw said...

soon you will be home watching the Mets lose to Philly and the Yanks lose to BOston like the rest of us mainlanders.