June 1, 2009

Hong Kong - Goldfish, Flower, and Bird Markets

We reserved Sunday for wandering around some of the markets of Mong Kok area of Kowloon. Exploring Mong Kok felt like we were getting into the dirtier, seemier, seedier parts of Hong Kong...But in contrast to the previous night's experience at Temple Street, the markets we saw on Sunday were unusual and fun for everyone.

Goldfish Street

First, we walked down Goldfish Street, a few blocks that are lined with really over the top fish stores. Giant goldfish. Beautiful live coral. Tropical neon fish of all colors. Turtles. Crabs. So fun to explore!

Flower Market

Next, a few blocks down, we strolled down the Flower Market, a street lined with flower stores. Amazing cheap bouquets! (None of which we could buy!! If we lived in Hong Kong, we would have a giant aquarium and stunning flowers everywhere by now!). Lauren was smelling everything in sight.

Bird Market
Finally, we ended our market adventures in the best of them all, the Bird Market. Not only do they sell hundreds and hundreds of different song birds, but they also sell the (creepy crawly) bird food, the cages, and all acoutrements. Birds are chirping and flying every which way all over the place. What a neat place! (Click on the below picture for a very chirpy high speed flying video)

One Last Dim Sum Meal!

For our last meal in Hong Kong, we decided we had to go back to the dim sum well. We tried Chao Inn, which was right across the street from our hotel on 10th floor overlooking Victoria Harbour. Though they didn't have the carts - you order from a picture menu and check off what you want on a paper slip - their dim sum was excellent and super-cheap. Favorites again where the har gau and egg-creme filled buns. And the noodles we ordered were also incredible. The smile says it all!

And that was Hong Kong! We came. We saw. We partied. And we ate! As Lauren said on our way to the airport; "Goodbye Hong Kong. I love your food!"

It was a stellar weekend, and we are so happy to have squeezed this trip in!

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jmgesq said...

You're making me hungry! I fear that the paltry dim sum back here in NY won't hold a candle to the dim sum in Hong Kong but I'm willing to give it a try.

I loved the various markets. It sounds fantastic...aside from the flower smells, were there other smells as well (birds, fish etc.)???