June 17, 2009

You Know You've Been In Japan Too Long When...

You crave rice. With furikake.

Eating sushi rolls for lunch from the equivalent of a 7-11 convenience store doesn't seem strange or problematic in any way.

You bow ever-so-slightly when greeting people.

You find yourself constantly interjecting confirmatory gutturals like "un," "umn," "eh," or "so-so-so" into conversations.

You prefer using hashi (chopsticks) to any other eating utensil, even for western food.

You call chopsticks o-hashi.

It doesn't make you beam with pride to be able to read and understand simple katakanized English like "ハリ パタ," which is "HA-RI PA-TA" (or "Harry Potter").

You tend to naturally "work the elevator" by pressing the door close and door open buttons on every floor.

Using your number 3 hitter to bunt a guy over from first base in order to get him into scoring position with less than two outs seems like good strategy. . . in the 2nd inning of a scoreless game.

(The above is all in the spirit of humor, and there must be so many more. This is just what popped into mind right now.)


Pat Carrothers said...

The elevator doors open, there are already 7 people on it, and you don’t think twice about squeezing in instead of waiting for the next one.

The street crossing light sign says “don’t walk” and you actually obey it – or feel really guilty when you don’t.


miesque said...

①You can prefer to high-tech toilet.
②You can to be engr(l)ish seeker.
③you can always take picture V-sign pose.
④You can explain variety of Kit-kat, pringles etc only in Japan.
⑤You can alwys go to Hanami & festivals.
⑥You can explain how to ride train in Japan.
⑦You understand milk difference between USA & Japan.
⑧You have question too expensive fuluits in Japan.
⑨You prefer to Ramen.

日本にいる外国人(ALT/student etc)のblogから一度は必ず紹介される物です。

The Kasdan Family said...

Excellent additions.

Pat - 7 people? Try 20. And I DO feel strangely guilty when I jaywalk.

Miesque - V-sign pose is a classic. As is matcha flavored kit kat. (why!?) And we are proud to own our own o-hanami mat!

I think of more of these every day. (e.g., seeing relatively large plush stuffed toys attached to thin high-tech cell phones seems normal, and don't even get started on the amazing amount of high heels around). This topic could be its very own blog, I think.