June 25, 2008

Partying Stateside . . . Flying Solo

Four of us left Japan, but only one of us Kasdans has returned. (For now.) Mike had an uneventful flight back home and arrived tonight to a very quiet apartment. The past week's trip home was terrific, but it absolutely flew by. (In fact, the trip was so short that they had the same movie choices on the airplane on the way back. Not good.)

By the way, the picture above and at the left is from the extremely large 51st floor patio of a building that Mike's brother, Dave, had been working on. Nice view, huh?

Our time was mostly filled with family events leading up to Dave and Heather's wedding. and the wedding itself. There was the Thursday night Steak Dinner Party. There was the Friday night Family and Friends at Our Aunt and Uncle's House In Brooklyn Party. There was the Saturday Night Out-Of-Town-Guest Pizza Party. Oh, and then there was the wedding itself too! (Sounds like a lot of parties; and it was, but each was really nice in its own way.) In between, we also crammed in some visits with friends, as well as some much-needed shopping.

The wedding which was absolutely wonderful. It was so special to spend so much time with family. And we were so proud of Jacob and Lauren, who carried off their ring-bearer and flower-girl duties with love and energy. (We are considering renting Lauren out as a flower-girl and wedding dancer. She was literally non-stop.)

Here are some pictures from the wedding:


Brian Matteson said...

We are sorry we can't get Lauren for hire on September 20th but we'll let it slide.

Hope being away helped you enjoy the States a little more. Glad to see the kids look so great.


Lisa said...

Lovely post...on to the next one!