June 12, 2008

Our Number One Son

Jacob, meanwhile, is now helping us read books and is also (all of the sudden) doing basic addition. As he brings home more and more of his school projects from the year (only two days left of school!), we continue to be more and more amazed with his intellectual curiosity and how much he actually learned this year.

On the sporting side, he continues to be a fierce competitor. Especially on the soccer field. (Although he was a bit bummed to go to soccer practice, and not be able to watch Lauren's first ballet class! He got over it quickly.) We heard from some other kids around school that he is known as "the football (aka soccer) kid." Jacob is like a soccer gym rat, organizing a pick-up game at every opportunity. He is definitely large and in charge out there!

These days, Jacob is spending most of his time playing in the fountains with his buddies at the River Mall:

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