June 15, 2008

A Great Local Yakitori Place

In the food department, on Saturday night we met up with friends for yakitori, aka all sorts of different types of grilled chicken items on sticks. Here is an example menu of the types of items they have.

Our friends recommended a terrific place in nearby Ashiya called Masaya that they had been to many times before. This yakitori-ya was really great. Delicious cheap eats. And everything was so tasty. We had grilled chicken with scallions, grilled chicken meatballs, grilled chicken mixed with cartilage (slightly crunchy!), grilled chicken skin, thigh meat, grilled ginko balls, yaki-onigiri, baked potatoes, all washed down with half-and-half beers (Kirin Black and Kirin Lager) and Chu Hi. We will be going back, no doubt.

Following our friends' advice, the only food on the menu that we specifically decided to steer clear of was the chicken sashimi. Just not sure our constitutions are meant to quite handle that. And it just sounds wrong!

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jmgesq said...

So are you going to cook some of these foods for us when you come a'visiting??

Have a safe and easy trip back to the States. See you all soon.

Hugs and love from Jack and me.