June 13, 2008

Natural Disasters...In NJ?

What are the chances that our town in NJ would be hit with a bigger storm than we've witnessed since being in Japan (so far) ?!

Apparently, New Jersey, along with much of the rest of the United States has been riddled with strange violent tornado-like storms.

Earlier this week, our town back home had a declared state of emergency, with two-day-long power outages, uprooted and fallen trees, smushed cars, and blown out windows and damaged roofs of houses. Yeesh.

Aside from the above link, check out some picture albums (here and here) that have been posted of places that are mere blocks from our house back home.


Josiah said...

speaking of natural disasters -- are you guys anywhere near the earthquake? I hope everyone's well

Mike said...

We just heard about a large earthquake in Norther Japan. We are very far away. Had no idea about it until someone told us...