June 9, 2008

Good Ambassadors to Rokko Island

The rest of the weekend was less dangerous. And more relaxing.

On Saturday, after Mike had a chance to shower-up and fully coat himself in Neosporin, we met up with a family who will be moving to Kobe in a few short months. We had previously spent a couple of hours with the husband chatting about Rokko Island and life in Kobe with kids. But this time, he was here to check out apartments with his wife and 4 month old baby. Jacob and Lauren really took to the baby! (We actually first "met" this couple through this very blog; they were our first random comment! It has been really cool to get to know them. And we are very excited for them to move out here, so we can hang out more. See...not all internet stalkers are weirdos!)

Our families spent the day together taking a leisurely walk through (and sampling the many street foods of) Motomachi China Town and then hanging out in Meriken Park and Kobe Harbor area. Jacob did his best to teach our friends how to navigate the JR train line. We are considering renting him out as an area guide.

On Sunday, there was much frolicking at the Rokko Island River Mall. Jacob was a one-man water-gun toting bundle of joy. Lauren helped Ilena bake snicker-doodles back at home. (But don't worry, she makes it out to the River Mall plenty!)

While at the River Mall, we also happened to catch this Japanese model doing a photo-shoot:

On Sunday afternoon, we were invited by some friends of ours who live in a real house (!) in the Hankyu Mikage area (up in the hills above Sumiyoshi), for a BBQ at their place. Hence the baking of snicker-doodles. Our friends had the classic Weber grill, lots of cold beer, and a tiny (but hey it was a real) yard for the kids to roam around in. We all had a terrific time. (By the way, our newest toy is the mesmerizing plastic box bug-catcher. Huge hit with the kids. There were many fat caterpillars in the yard, so we were set for hours.)

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