June 11, 2008

Our Little Girl!

Is there anything she can't do?! Lauren is a caring "mother" for her baby-dolls, an amazing artist, super at puzzles, great at card games, and a huge help around the house. She is a great distance runner. She scooters. She bikes. She is the perfect sister and playmate for Jacob. And as we've said before, it is actually therapeutically relaxing to watch her play by herself.

Yesterday, Mike got home and was looking at some of the papers the kids had been working on. In decent Kindergardener handwriting, one sheet read "Jacob" "Lauren" "Mom" "Dad." It looked just like Jacob's handiwork. But it was actually Lauren - who did it all by her self!

This week, with school winding down, Ilena got to join and observe her gym class.

She plays soccer:

She also plays floor hockey (those puffy hockey sticks bring back memories, huh!?):

Ilena also took Lauren to first very first ballet class this week! Insanely cute:

We love our little girl. Hey, we might be biased . . . But we're allowed to be. Its our blog! Here is one for the grandparents:

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Lisa said...

could she be any cuter? Were all the other girls wearing white leotards??