June 3, 2008

This Chuhai's For You!

With the hot summer months fast approaching, we recently discovered a very good alternative to beer. It's called Chuhai (チューハイ). We noticed it being sold at the ballpark a few weeks back, and we have also seen it being sold in cans at our local supermarket.

Chuhai is a fruit-flavored drink based on Shōchū, and tastes sort of like a wine cooler. It's like a shochu shpritzer. (Yes. That's right. Shpritzer.)

Although the beer in Japan is truly excellent -the most popular brands being Kirin and Asahi - and "nama beeru" (i.e., draft beer) was one of the first Japanese phrases that Mike learned, Chuhai is a nice, albeit "girly in that wine-cooler way," summer beverage.

Our brand of choice: Suntory.

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